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Why Choose Protect Your People? 

Customized Client Alerts to help you stay on top of news impacting your stores. Quarterly web-based training on labor relations issues and federal legislative developments.


For $6 per month,
per store, you are able to join the
Protect Your People Program.

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Benefits of the Program

  1. Quarterly web-based training on labor relations issues and federal legislative developments;  

  2. Monthly legal updates focusing on trends and developments across the country;

  3. Labor Alert Text Messaging which advises of relevant local and national labor activity that is likely to affect your restaurants;

  4. An hour of monthly consultation with an attorney skilled in Labor Relations and the world of QSRs;

  5. Alerts regarding national labor developments and new federal labor and employment laws that will impact your stores; and

  6. A 10% discount from our standard fees should you need our assistance beyond that provided through the Service. If local assistance is needed for state specific issues, we have a network of attorneys who can assist you.





A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.   Once a union, or governmental investigator finds fertile ground, they will attack every QSR in the area. If they find no violations and no interest in a union, they will move to more fertile ground.  That is our goal; support McDonald’s stores so unions and government investigators see no opportunities for success when they enter a McDonald’s store. 



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